Great Genesis Cosplays all over the world

Other amazing Genesis Cosplayers all over the world!

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(cosplay by

Well, this is Bloody, an excellent German Cosplayer. Her best Cosplays are Vergil (Devil May Cry) and Ryuuk (Death Note), I think.

But though her Genesis-Cosplay has got many mistakes and is still undone her photos look great! Bloody has an amazing charisma and you NEED that to cosplay Genesis Rhapsodos!

At the moment Bloody is working at a new Genesis Cosplay and I am really looking forward to the day she will finish it!


(cosplay by

This is Nanjo Koji. Do you know her? Okay, wait, wrong question! Who does NOT know her?

In my opinion the Riku Cosplay she has is her best Cosplay. She's also an excellent Sephiroth.

So, as you can see here, she did Genesis, too, some weeks ago.
Again there are some mistakes, but no flashy ones and 'cmon... Isn't she acting perfect?
I really LOVE this picture and the way Koji conveys "Genesis' sui generis"... Erm... lol!


(cosplay by

I am pretty sure the most of you already know these cosplay pictures. Just because they are amazing.

The way Otaru is acting at those photos is absolute fabolous. This is way better than Gackt, I think!

Otaru-Shirou has some other great cosplays, too, of course. You should take a look at the gallery!

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