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Okay, well, some people – even at my homepage here – ask me to write something about myself here. So okay, why not? But what can I tell ya, that would be interesting?

Maybe this is what makes you happy:


name: I won't tell ya. Call me Ari or Genesis xP
birthday: May 18th, 1989
eye color: simple grey blue
hair color: my natural hair color is ash blond, but I don't like it that much
height: 1,75m (about 69 inches I think...?)
weight: 57kg (uhm, dunno... 125 American pounds??? xD)
living at: Frankfurt (Germany)
working as: technical support and seller nothin'to do at th
hobbies: Singing, drawing, cosplay, sewing
pets: 3 guinea pigs. „Shizuka“ alias Cloud (female), „Shingo“ alias Cid (male) and "Shirogane" alias Reeve (male).

sexual orientation: both, men and women
status: single, but my heart is still in love

favorite color: red red red red red! N silver n black x3
~ food: sushi
~ sweets: mint chocolate sticks, apple candy
~ music: alternative rock
~ artist: Linkin Park
~ song: In The End
~ illustrator: Heise Jin
~ cosplayer: Dunno... there're so many great cosplayers... But I think Lord Masamune was great as Sephiroth
~ animal: uuuh, how should I decide? X_x I like dogs, cats, guinea pigs, corbies n snakes
~ game: Final Fantasy 7 ^^ and Zelda: Ocarina of Time + Let me add Shadow Hearts ;D

dreaming of: A.W.A.T. (my own RPG I am working at) becoming faaaamoooous! + having an own apartment + being able to make that one white coat Gackt has xO
~ moving to: Japan, one day. Osaka for example
~ becoming: a famous cosplayer, a good artist just like Heise Jin... one day... and a rock star xD

hates living because of: lies, intrigues, poverty, egoists, hunger, coldness
loves living because of: my love, my beautiful friends and my dreams, giving me strength and motivation, warmth, art

cosplay is: Art! It's a wonderful art. For some people it's 'only' a hobby, for other people it means almost everything. It's just like soccer: Some just do it when they've got some time – maybe once a week. But other people try to reach everything with it. But I don't think cosplay shall be a rat race. When I see another Genesis cosplayer I say 'Hi' and I talk with him/her a lot because he/she loves the same character, we're both fans of Genesis and Final Fantasy 7 then! Some Genesis cosplayers really DO HATE other Genesis cosplayers, because they want no rivals. But I'm glad to know that some Genesis cosplayers LOVE other Genesis cosplayers because they really can become friends by that beautiful art called 'Cosplay'.
Why did you name your Site 'Ultima Genesis Cosplay'?: I guess most of you who visit this page are Final Fantasy Fans, right? So most of you should know the "Ultima Weapon" or the "Ultima" materia/attack.
I really like both, so... I decided to catenate that word "Ultima" with "Genesis Cosplay". x3 And that's that.
Are you just uloading cosplay photos of your friends?:
Geez, NO! Look, sure I started by uploading photos of some friends (but only if their cosplays have been good enough! x3)! That's 'cuZ it's easier getting their permission than getting the permission of someone who does not already know you, right?
But I've already uploaded pictures and cosplay photos from persons all over the world, as you can see. It takes its time because I always ask if I'm allowed to use the pictures! But the collection grows. Yay!
May we help ya?: Of course you can. You know a real good Final Fantasy Cosplayer that's not listed here? Show me a picture (with a link) and I'll work it out! x3
I have to refresh my English, too. There may be tons of mistakes at my homepage! Help me to correct them! xD BTW: I'm using the American English and not the British one.
May you help us?: I already got lot's of E-Mails like "Can you help me with my coat" or "Where do you have that earring from?" or "I need to do the armor but I don't know what's the best way!"

First let me tell ya that I'm not buying my cosplays. I tailor and 'tinker' everything on my own (unless there's no need to, just take a look at my Genesis shirt xD).
So if you've got any questions just contact me. I'm not perfect either, but I'll to my best to help ya.


Something you have to know about Ari Feremis

Hey, guys. I'm taking the time to tell you something important, because I heard of some bulldog/stubborn rumors about me and my cosplay. I'd like to discover the truth 4 ya.


I guess some of you have already heard I was thinking I would be a reancarnation of cosplay character XYZ... Mostly Aeris/Aerith.

Those are rumors from a little false girl and nothign else but lies!

Just tell me, how COULD anybody believe that she/he WAS a reancarnation of a virtual GAME character?! TELL me?! O_o

Some may have read rumors about me and my ex-girlfriend, too. Fact is that I really love her. I still do. And I she has got my best whishes for her future. Right, we are not a couple anymore, but though...
So if anybody posts anything like "Hi, I am Ari and I hate Bloody" or stuff like that - no matter where - you can be sure thi is NOT ME! I would still even give my life for Bloody and this a fact that will never change.

Really... It's silly if someone tries to get those rumors come around.
But it's even MORE silly if you BELIEVE that shit! XD



Thanks for reading!



Ari Feremis

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Comment posted by CoolDad( cooldadfake.mail.account ), 02.01.2018 um 01:26 (UTC):
Gidday GenGen,
you urgently need to clean up your guestbook and kick out the advertisement-comments.

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